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Growing Garments

How self growing garments are able to illuminate the relationship between man and nature, clothing and body in a new way.

«Growing Garments» brings plants very closeto the body. Experiments were conducted to evaluate suitable materials and seeds. The designer then developed kimono-like styles so the pieces of clothing can be sown with seeds and watered horizontally. After about ten days, plants have grown on the clothes, and they can be buttoned and worn. The project was conducted in co-operation with the city of Zurich which will use the images in its campaigns for a greener city.


Employing a consistent process, inspiring pieces were created which draw attention to important issues of our time. The project’s potential was recognised by a start-up at ETH Zurich dealing with vertical farming that wants to further develop the project. Apart from all this, the objects have a strong poetic effect and therefore could be suited to many other potential uses.

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