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ReQuest – a journey for heroes

An innovative VR game in board game aesthetics

«ReQuest – A journey for heroes» is an adventure game where the player wears virtual reality glasses. It revolves around the archetypal hero’s journey: the player helps the characters to survive over the course of five acts. If everything goes to plan, they return home as heroes. This classic tale is condensed here into a board game aesthetic. The animated characters seem to act autonomously and have a certain life of their own. Wearing VR glasses, the player enters a virtual space where the elements of the hero’s journey are arranged in circles around him/her. The player can determine its course by body movements in the virtual space and positioning the characters and fields in this way.


The game’s principle is highly innovative and has enormous potential for further development. Covering all areas of innovative game design, the game offers its own solutions in terms of narration, game mechanics and gameplay concept, design and realisation by using only recently available high-tech options. By arranging the virtual elements of the game around the player, Chris Elvis Leisi elegantly bypasses the problem of motion sickness which is typical for VR applications. Chris Elvis Leisi would like to expand on the prototype and pursue his studies as part of an M.A. in Game Design. The ZhdK grant would be an important foundation for the continuation of the project and enable the next steps on this «hero’s journey».