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Ultras and hooligans: a community on the fringes of society

Immerse yourself in a world around the edges of football. In the interactive web documentary «» («offside») former members of the hardcore fan scene talk about their access to that group, illegal activities, violence and their experiences with the police during their active days.


In his web documentary «Abseiz», Michael Kyburz employs an interactive method of narration which he has developed with great care and implemented in the form of a prototype with the assistance of a programmer. He is therefore able to provide insights into a world on the fringes, and skilfully employs creative strategies of anonymisation as well as rich imagery, above all in the meticulously animated photo series. The sound design (in collaboration with film composition at ZHdK) is subtly integrated into the narrative mechanics and supports this project – which has also found an audience through the efficient use of Instagram. With tenacity and sensitivity, Michael Kyburz has managed to gain access to a scene which is notoriously difficult territory for journalists.

Trailer. © Michael Kyburz. ZHdK.