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A web series in five episodes

The relationships to our siblings are often the most long-standing ones in our lives. But what is it like to grow up with a brother or sister who is disabled or chronically ill?

With «Schattenkinder», or shadow children, Nina Rothenberger has created a touching and relevant serial format for the web. She focuses on what seems to be a marginal aspect around the topics of disability, illness and death: the «healthy» siblings of those concerned. The episodes were filmed in a low-budget-style by the creator herself, which shows that relevant formats can be generated directly from people’s everyday lives, requiring only limited resources, but a great deal of care. The personal stories shared by viewers on the project website are further proof of the viability of this approach. Also noteworthy is the successful interdisciplinary collaboration within the ZHdK: Bastian Riesen (illustration/ student «Art Education»), Adina Friis (music/student «CAS Composition for Theatre and Media»).

Trailer. © Nina Rothenberger. ZHdK.