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Backup Land

Stable, well-organised and neutral

Switzerland stands for security, both in the perception from at home and abroad. We live in a culture of preparation and control. This compendium explores the need for security which is so deeply rooted in the self-image of the Swiss, and its current structure. More than ever before our notions of protection and security are in a process of change; data increasingly represent human beings and are protected accordingly. Will the security of these «data» which depict us as individuals on the internet soon be more important, and more worthy of protection than us «humans»? «Backup Land» explores this theme and visualises its inherent complexity on multiple levels. The design of the compendium utilises new technologies and combines them with graphic elements. Thus, the current changes in data protection are reflected and rendered through a visual language. The chapters vary between analytical and emotional approaches facilitating a multi-layered engagement with the subject.


«The design of this compendium makes use of new technologies and links them together with graphic elements.»


Backup Land pulls out all the stops in Visual Communication. Using infographics, new forms of visualisation, photography and writing, it stages and orchestrates its surprising and illuminating content, which is based on an impressive editorial effort, and reveals striking ideas about that major Swiss cultural phenomenon, «security».