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Losing Paradise

An island paradise disappears into the ocean. A population loses its land. An app tells the story

Few people in the central parts of Europe are directly affected by global warming. The picture looks very different for the inhabitants of the Southern Pacific island state of Kiribati. Here, the question is no longer if, but when their group of islands will disappear into the sea. With an average measurement of 1.8 metres above sea level, the island nation is irrevocably faced with the extinction of its entire territory. According to official figures from the World Bank, the islands will be uninhabitable by 2050 and will have vanished completely by 2070. Using a documentary style, this app tells the story of a young female islander who is confronted with the impending loss of her home. A choice of optional statements by experts provide insights of the complex situation, enabling users to delve deeper into the subject if they wish to do so, alongside the actual story.


«I first read about the fate of Kiribati in passing in a short newspaper item, and was shocked by it. Global warming was suddenly no longer an abstract concept.»

With «Losing Paradise», Daniel Barnbeck has managed to create a touching, informative and unique narrative format for a topic which seems to have been picked apart many times over. Combining a poetic rendering of a subjective narration by an inhabitant of Kiribati with high-level expert opinion (interactively enabled), all within the closed app format which provides the necessary concentration and calm for this swansong for a disappearing island (our world), «Losing Paradise» develops its very own narrative format, and has a great amount of potential. Daniel Barnbeck filmed on location, on his own and under adverse (political) conditions. His project takes a valuable, fresh and unique look at the omnipresent topic of global warming.

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