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A series of events about the culture of the in-between

«Karamell» is a series of events which creates a network and addresses Afro-Swiss identity by providing a setting for mutual exchange and inspiration. It is an opportunity to present and discuess projects and positions.

«Caramels, biracials, mulattos, café au laits, brothers and sisters: let us celebrate the «in-between», let us show Switzerland through our own eyes and turn caramelised reality into an experience!»


«The subject is important for all of us and is treated here in a convincing way.»

The first event by the network was exciting and inspirational. Visitors were touched by the discussions, reports and artistic works, and the atmosphere was open and friendly. Meret Mache as moderator and host is focused on her aim, yet self-reflexive and relaxed, and manages to pave the way for an inspiring exchange without moralisation. She takes a confident approach without making hasty judgments. The subject is relevant for all of us, and here it is handled in a very convincing way.