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The smartphone as a productive tool

How can journalists use the smartphone productively in their working lives? This question was at the core of Adam Keel’s BA project which resulted in the launch of the explanation platform The smartphone is our constant companion but many underestimate the value of camera, microphone and many apps as immensely useful tools. Once users are familiar with the technical basics, they are able to produce high-quality videos and audio features. wants to raise awareness of these possibilities and help journalists to make a start. Tutorials on provide a basic introduction to the following areas: video production, cutting, audio and Instagram stories. These tutorials are available as videos and as blog posts, and there are links to further tutorials and articles by other providers.

Das Smartphone im Journalismus nutzen

«I have taken a professional interest in the subject of mobile journalism for some years, and am fascinated by the possibilities of telling captivating stories by smartphone as well as the high-quality results.»

Tutorial zu Interviews per Smartphone aufzeichnen

With, Adam Keel has managed to create an explanation platform which distinguishes itself by its careful and target group orientated design. The participating journalists were involved in the initial design phase, and further familiarised themselves with the platform through practical social media activities. The explanatory pieces provide practical everyday support for their work. Because of its thoughtfully conceived blog posts and a low-threshold, entertaining approach (with personal moderation), the platform is well-suited as a model for similar explanation platforms. Another bonus is the productive interaction with the target audience which forms an integral part of this work.