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So Male

A Trend Transfer From Male Cultures To Future-Proof-Marketing Strategies

Facebook offers 71 gender options. The old scheme of man and woman is outdated. Bearded hipsters dress in pink, male feminists show bulges and wear high heels, and «gender fuck-ups» wearing little dresses are everywhere. «So Male» decodes the direction within these changes and explores which male cultures dominate society today, and how they appear. Based on Zeitgeist and cultural-scientific literature, the analyses of 2000 fashion pictures reveal the basic attitudes and strategies of three central trends of male cultures. The results are conveyed and applied to marketing questions in an experience-oriented workshop format. Participants learn how to navigate within the context of gender, individualization and social change, and are given tools to design future-oriented products and campaigns. A trend map underlines the relevance for markets and gives concrete advice how to address the new male cultures.


«What market-relevant insights into modern «male cultures» can we gain from fashion styles?»