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Equally Unequal

This project explores how everyday events can be seen through the eyes of mathematicians, and vice versa. It attempts to create an understanding of those instances where mathematical concepts such as circles, equations and equivalents collide with our quotidian experience, and what the consequences are. The focus is on artistic usage in literature, film and artworks, as part of an experimental exploration of the ways in which the two worlds connect. The chosen artefact is a record, which applies the concept of equations and subtraction to sound in order to make them accessible to the human senses.


Suntka Rinke assumes a mathematical perspective to examine the manner in which mathematical phenomena manifest themselves in the every day, such as objects, procedures, sounds or language. Her project is an impressive example of how different design disciplines can come together. It makes abstract concepts intuitively accessible and tangible and explores new forms of interaction with these phenomena from a critical and speculative perspective. This project exemplifies a research-led and exploratory approach within Interaction Design in which the media that can enable interactions are re-imagined in an innovative way.