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Long Limbs Prosthetics

An Interchangeable Prosthetic System for Long Stump Amputees

On behalf of the ICRC, this project took an existing system of artificial limbs and developed it further for use in crisis areas. «Long Limbs Prosthetics» makes it easy to exchange worn-out or defective parts. Due to its modular design, the prosthesis can also be adapted to individual needs. The system consists of four components: a foot cover made of elastic polyurethane in different colours and sizes; an insert which connects the foot with the joint; an ankle joint connecting the insert with the actual prosthetic leg; and a highly resilient nut inside the prosthesis.


The students managed to derive maximum results for this project, starting from a narrowly defined framework (cost, logistics, durability, interfaces, ergonomics). Their innovative approach and the solution itself, with its intelligent and precise design and construction, are highly convincing. Not only are these prostheses more comfortable to wear for the user, but they also reduce cost as individual parts can be exchanged – a crucial factor in this area. The project’s result has the potential to revolutionise the field of low-cost prostheses.