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A toolbox for exploring your acoustic perception of space

Our hearing system provides us with information about our spatial perception every second. We are able to roughly determine the direction and the distance of sounds in our everyday environments. This ability has a more or less passive quality so as to protect us from an acoustic overload. The project «Hearo» comprises a toolbox which enables us to actively explore our acoustic perception of space. This toolbox is portable, allowing for experiments at many different locations. Its playful use encourages encounters with unexpected situations.


Marcial introduces users who interact with «Hearo» to an experience which is unfamiliar to them in this form. He based his dissertation on exceptionally wide-ranging and in-depth research and a comprehensive selection of experiments with functional prototypes. The visuals used to communicate the project to the public lend «Hearo» professional credibility. The high-quality aesthetic of the objects and the fact that the prototypes of the toolbox are functional round off the achievements of this project and make it one of the best of this year’s submissions.


Teaser «Hearo».