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An animated short film

«RAT’S NEST» is an animated short film about self-esteem and self-acceptance. Frustrated by her introverted nature, protagonist Mia takes refuge on an underground train which serves as a metaphor for her emotional world. There, she encounters all the curious things her subconscious has to offer. Her fears and insecurities assume their own physical shapes as her hideaway turns out to be a rat’s nest. A chase into the unknown ensues, leading to an encounter which encourages Mia to rise above herself.


In her dissertation project «RAT’S NEST» Alessa Fanzoi examines the subject of self-esteem and self-acceptance in an atmospherically intense and artistically ambitious way. Her chosen medium, the animated film (including a web presence), is entirely put into the service of the story and its desired impact on the audience. With artistic maturity and great dedication, Alessa Fanzoi pushes the limits of a dissertation and finds a universal format for a subject that is not only of concern to young adults.


Film «RAT'S NEST».