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Garden of Eden 2.0

Consumerism as a Religion of the Present

Capitalism and consumerism, in conjunction with the decline of religious faith, have manifested themselves as a contemporary social and economic consensus. Social environments and our constructed self-image demand certain attitudes of consumption as representations of our being – it’s a matter of belief. Shopping turns into a daily ritual, modern myths are constructed by advertising, and morals become part of the shopping list in a present-day sale of indulgences. This publication on the subject comprises essayistic examinations by different authors of the construction of consumerism as a secularised kind of faith. Photographs take a visual approach to the discourse, unsettling the viewer with their provocative disharmony of contents and aesthetics.


The jury was impressed by the considered approach, the accompanying analysis of the visual codes established in cultural history and the independently developed methodology which was used to create a new and controversial visual language. A subject that is both complex and relevant has been translated into surprising and fascinating images, embedded in a coherent editorial concept.